How To Play

Create a Supply Stash

The goal of Quarantine King is simple—stockpile the most days worth of supplies before The Store runs out! Players match pairs of supplies to create a Supply Stash.Supply Stashes are protected as additional Supply Stashes are created and more supplies collected!

Quarantine Card Game for Family

Loot an Opponent's Supply Stash

Pandemonium ensues when players attempt to loot Supply Stashes from opponents to add to their own stock supply. Players loot by presenting a Supply Card (or Wild Card) that matches an opponent’s top Supply Stash.

Use an Action Card

Action Cards are game changers.  Take advantage of these cards to become the King of Quarantine! Want to see what cards an opponent has or want to steal an opponent's card? Throw down your action card!

The Reviews

Never laughed so hard about fighting for toilet paper!


Genuinely fun gameplay here- the paintings make this game hilarious!


This game is so intense and exciting! Definitely a game I will be playing over and over again! 


Yesssuh! I'm the best. No one can beat me, the Supply Sultan! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Why would I ever play another game? My friends love this game.